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Friends of Oppenlander, the grassroots organization trying to preserve Oppenlander Fields as a permanent park for the citizens of West Linn, is very disappointed in the current delay in completing the sale required by the Sales Agreement (wes…

When you get to a certain age, you view the arrival of your annual Christmas cards with a dash of trepidation. Who has fallen and broken a hip? Who has lost their memory, been in an accident, contracted cancer, or worse, actually ceased to exist?

Brian Fitzgerald, of course not all deputies are in peak condition. But the way you write this leads one to believe that is all that matters. Instead of punishing someone if they are not in the utmost condition, the county could consider impl…

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Readers weigh in on the race for governor and West Linn's ballot measure to fund waterline improvements.

Readers weigh in on the race for governor and West Linn's ballot measure to fund waterline improvements.

Abortion and reproductive rights on the ballot in Clackamas County; Clackamas deserves stronger leadership on housing affordability

It's probably because of being at the forefront of the Baby Boomer generation, but my husband and I know a lot of people who are affected by either dementia or Alzheimer's.

I will not vote for Christine Drazan because of her infantile thinking regarding gun control.

McCleod-Skinner's background, temperament and experience has helped her to understand the concerns of both rural and urban Oregonians.

New climate-friendly, equitable community rules moving too fast; New film underscores danger of current wildfires.

This robotics team deserves better reporting as they have brought great recognition upon themselves, West Linn High School, and to our community.

I encourage all Oregon residents to raise awareness and educate themselves on Alzheimer's and other dementia.

Readers weigh in on Aurora State Airport traffic and the meaning of the Second Amendment.

By implementing reasonable rules that are inclusive of the needs of everyone impacted by watercraft noise, harsher restrictions become less necessary.

Readers advocate for a new Clackamas County clerk and against a potential Aurora Airport runway extension